Current Projects

We have a number of exciting projects in various stages of development


A Place In The Rainbow

Returning to Newlands East to save her mother, Hannah must confront the demons of her father's gang legacy to fulfil her mother's dream of building a technical college for the poor.




A naive old German woman is scammed by a young Nigerian man pretending to love her. So touched is she by his remorseful confessions, that she ventures out of her comfort zone to save him from a ruthless warlord.




An intense one-location drama, covering 3 stages of a young man's life. An emotive voyeuristic film to challenge perceptions.




Taking the law into his own hands, a concerned resident in a neglected community kidnaps a minister, holding her ransom for the improvement of their living conditions.



Stick Fighter

An oddball matriculant discovers her natural talent for stick fighting, using it to stand up to bullies and face the village nemises.



African Lore And Legend

Introducing to the world the most famous South African mythological creatures and their fascinatingly profound effect on the belief system of an entire nation.