We are a specialist film producer offering services and skills conforming to the highest international standards


Driven by perfectionism, our core ethos is to establish positive engagements and flourishing relationships with everyone we encounter. Honesty, transparency and respect is the code we live and work by.


Our pledge to deliver the highest quality work and the zest for what we do is always warmly received by our colleagues, clients and partners. Striving for productive co-operation, we do everything we can to ensure an enjoyable, stress-free working environment.


From conception to completion, our expertise encompasses all the major film and television pre-, production and post-production necessities. By implementing only state-of-the-art digital facilities and technology, we are at the helm of the new age of filmmaking.


We have established long and healthy relationships with M-Net, E-TV and the SABC, working on a variety of television programmes and various forms of promotional advertising.



Hard hitting topics hold a super power in activating change and healing. South Africa is rife with groundbreaking material which will both mesmerise and, in some cases, shock the world.



Unique stories are what it's all about. We are excited to announce the development of a number of lucrative feature film concepts and welcome co-production partnerships.


As the preferred supplier to a number of organisations within the corporate community, we produce a range of promotional, training and product launch videos for all industries.



Working with local and international agencies, we are constantly involved in the production of advertising material for a diverse clientele .


Music Videos

Making a lot with little is the name of this game. We have enjoyed a number of successful collaborations with well-known South African Artists for Gallo, Sheer & Sony BMG.


With an energetic team of award winning professionals, we have the skills to handle all the cardinal components of our projects in a close-knit environment.

Apart from a quicker turnaround time, this allows us to streamline projects from initial design, budgeting, scheduling and contractual arrangements through to production, reconciliation and final delivery. We specialise in designing packages to suit any budget requirements.


We know South Africa like the back of our hands and pride ourselves in our extensive database of artists, specialist technicians, products, equipment and facilities.

  • Conceptualisation

  • Scriptwriting

  • Storyboarding

  • Production planning and scheduling

  • Casting

  • Artist and crew bookings

  • Transport and accommodation

  • Contracts

  • Permits and permissions


If you want ‘hands on’, then look no further. Our knowledge of South African production logistics is second to none.

  • Production management

  • All above and below-the-line crew necessities

  • 4K, 2K, HDCAM, XDCAM & HDV camera equipment hire

  • Studio rentals for large and small shoots including blue or green screen chroma key

  • All sound, lighting & grips requirements

  • Specialised camera platforms such as cranes, jibs and steadicam

  • Outside Broadcast


Keeping abreast of all the latest technological advancements, we can best advise on all the crucial post-production facilities, equipment and services requirements.

  • Facilitation of any post-prod crew and artist requirements

  • Graphics and 3D animation

  • Film score, background music and jingle composition

  • HD & SD PAL 4:2:2 uncompressed Final Cut Pro edit suite

  • Audio final mix suite

  • Standards conversions

  • Duplications

  • DVD design, authoring & encoding


With an extensive portfolio, we have built a successful track record with solid experience in working with companies throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States. Capitalising on well established co-production treaties, we are looking for investors and production partners interested in fresh, viable content: where all stakeholders derive equity from the initiative.